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Volume 3

Featuring stories by Anthony Rapino, Alan Graham, Ronel van Tonder, Val Tenterhosen, Aaron Guzzo, Peter Turner, Matt Barrow, Roger Colby, Mattias Butterweck, Checyl Zaidan, Guy Medley, Steve Weintz, Troy Blackford, Justin Bloch, Zack Baer, Angelo Bottligliero, Trevor Dawson, David Eccles, and Gwendolyn Kiste.

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Volume 2

Featuring stories by Joshua Dobson, Anarchy Adams, Lisa Finch, Edward Ahern, Val Tenterhosen, Michelle Henman, Stephen McQuiggan, Troy Blackford, Alan Graham, Mike Sauve, Guy Medley, Harmony Grathwohl, Apryl Pooley, Robert Holt, Kathy Steinemann, and Pam Farley.

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Volume 1

Featuring stories by Mercedes Yardley, John Boden, M.C. O'Neill, Troy Blackford, Anthony Rapino, Dace Eccles, Todd Keisling, Val Tenterhosen, and Tom Bordonaro.

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  1. this looks really spooky and i like spooky. i love reading horror as a genre and these books seem like the right recommendation. thank you for posting. keep us updated with more